Peter Cameron's Wallflower Press: 2010-2013

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Peter Cameron's Wallflower Press

Wallflower Press was a small private press established by Peter Cameron in January, 2010.  The press published limited-edition books featuring the work of Cameron, as well as the work of authors he admires.  Each book was edited, designed, and crafted by Cameron in editions limited to ten copies.  Twenty titles were published in four series of five books each during the three years the press was operational.

Wallflower Press was forced to close in in the fall of 2013 because of a copyright infringement case brought by Columbia University Press (CUP).  CUP had bought a British publisher of books about cinema called Wallflower Press in 2011, and trademarked the name in the United States in 2012, thus making it legally impossible for Cameron to continue publishing books using that name, despite the small and private nature of his venture.

In January 2014 Cameron launched Shrinking Violet Press, which will publish hand-crafted, limited-edition books in the tradition of Wallflower Press.

Wallflower Press Titles

Series I

The five books in Series I, published between January and September 2010, were Dog Stories: Homework and The Secret Dog, two stories by Peter Cameron; The End Of My Life In New York, a story by Peter Cameron; Andorra: A Traveler's Guide,a short guide to the small country by various authors with maps by Florent Morellet; Bunny Says It's The Deathwatch, a story by Stephanie C. Gunn; and Dieter At MacDowell: Summer 1939, by various authors. Series I is now completely sold.

Series II
Series II was published between October 2010 and March 2011.  The titles were
The Daughter of Jesus, a story by Edward Swift; The Abridged Versions & Hearsay, prose pieces by Peter Cameron; Love, James,letters by James Lord; Animals in Distress & Pluto,two stories by James Harms; and Have You Seen Me? photographs and poems by Peter Cameron.  All of these books have sold out, with the exception of Animals in Distress & Pluto and Have You Seen Me? -- 3 copies of each book remain available.

Series III
Series III was published between September 2011 and July 2012.  The five books in the third series were: Coral Glynn, a excerpt from a novel by Peter Cameron; The Strange Case of Catherine Hayes by Charles J. Finger, the true story of an 18th-century murder in London; Last Night in the Moon: Excerpts from the Journals of Denton Welch by Denton Welch; I Know You? A Book of Portraits by Peter Cameron; and Sincerely Yours: The Correspondence of Beatrice J. Fitzhugh, Assistant to Mr. Kindelbinder (Senior), letters by Beatrice J. Fitzhugh.

Series IV
The five books in Series IV were published from October 2012 through August 2013.  Series IV features, in addition to a new story by Peter Cameron (After The Flood), work by several of the talented writers Cameron has taught in MFA programs at Columbia University and Sarah Lawrence College.  Series IV includes The Recession Spankologist by Jonathan Ames, a chapter from his second novel, The Extra Man; The Running of the Brides and Tom's Village, two personal essays exploring contemporary nuptial rites by Jessamyn Hope; The Love of My Life by Justin Haythe, a short story about the mysteries and miracles of marriage; and When The Lights Go On Again, a chapter from a novel by Heather Aimee O'Neill.

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