Wallflower Press Gallery
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Series I, No. 1: Homework & The Secret Dog Stories: Dog Stories by Peter Cameron
Series I, No. 2: The End of My Life in New York by Peter Cameron
Series I, No. 3: Andorra: A Visitor's Guide by Peter Cameron & Florent Morellet
Series I, No. 4: Bunny Says It's the Deathwatch by Stephanie C. Gunn
Series I, No. 5: Dieter at MacDowell: Summer,1939 (various authors)
Series II, No. 1: The Daughter of Jesus by Edward Swift
Series II, No. 2: The Abridged Versions & Hearsay by Peter Cameron
Series II, No. 3: Love, James by James Lord
Series II, No. 4: Animals in Distress & Pluto by James Harms
Series II, No. 5: Have You Seen Me? by Peter Cameron
Series III, No. 1: Excerpts from Coral Glynn by Peter Cameron
Series III, No. 2: The Strange Case of Catherine Hayes by Charles J. Finger & Catherine Hayes Burnt for Petty Treason by Richard Clark
Series III, No.3: Last Night in the Moon: Excerpts for the Journals of Denton Welch
Series III, No. 4: I Know You? A Book of Portraits
Series III, No. 5: Sincerely Yours, Beatrice J. Fitzhugh
Series IV, No. 1: After the Flood by Peter Cameron
Series IV, No. 2: The Recession Spankologist by Jonathan Ames
Series IV, No.3: The Running of the Brides & Tom's Village by Jessamyn Hope
Series IV, No. 4: When The Lights Go On Again by Heather Aimee O'Neill