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Wallflower Press Catalog
Series I.  Featuring fiction, travel, and ephemera.
No. 1: Homework & The Secret Dog by Peter Cameron.
Two early stories by Cameron, first published in the 1980s, concerning dogs, existential angst, and A&Ps.  8.5" x 6"; 32 pages.  ALL COPIES SOLD.

No. 2: The End of My Life in New York by Peter Cameron.
A newer story by Cameron about falling apart in New York City, first published in Subtropics and later in Prize Stories: The O. Henry Awards.  7.5" x 5.5"; 24 pages.  ALL COPIES SOLD.

No. 3: Andorra: A Travel Guide by Peter Cameron & Florent Morellet.

A small travel guide to the tiny country, complete with maps drawn especially for this volumn by Florent Morellet.  8.5" x 7.5"; 28 pages. ALL COPIES SOLD.

No. 4: Bunny Says It's the Deathwatch by Stephanie C. Gunn.

Gunn's celebrated cult story, originally published in Fiction and selected by Jonathan Galassi and Gary Fisketjohn for inclusion in the first (and only) edition of The Random Review. 7.5" x 5"; 32 pages. ALL COPIES SOLD.

No. 5: Dieter at MacDowell: Summer 1939 by Various Authors.
A revealing account of the disastrous visit Dieter von Thiebault made to the MacDowell Artists Colony in the summer of 139.  In two volumes: Volume I: Letters; Volume II: Photographs.  8" x 5.5"; volume I 28 pages, volume II 20 pages. ALL COPIES SOLD.

Series II.  Featuring work in all literary genres.
No. 1: The Daughter of Jesus by Edward Swift.

Edward Swift's hilarious short story, first published in The Christopher Park Regulars, about coming to NYC, reinventing yourself, and taking off.  7" x 5.5"; 32 pages. ALL COPIES SOLD.

No. 2: The Abridged Versions & Hearsay by Peter Cameron.
Two prose pieces by Cameron, both first published in The Yale Review.  What gets lost when things are edited or (mis)remembered?  7" x 5"; 28 pages. ALL COPIES SOLD.

No. 3: Love, James: Letters from James Lord by James Lord.
Selected letters from James Lord to Peter Cameron, written during the last ten years of Lord's life, exploring the vagaries of writing, loving, living, and dying.  8" x 5"; 60 pages. ALL COPIES SOLD.

No. 4: Animals in Distress & Pluto by James Harms.
Two stories by the poet James Harms, both set in southern California in the late 1970s, concerning mergers and accidents and miracles on and off the freeways.  7.5" x 6.5"; 40 pages. 3 COPIES REMAINING.

No. 5: Have You Seen Me? by Peter Cameron.

Poems written by Cameron accompanied by his photographs of eloquent debris encountered along Union Avenue in Saratoga Springs, New York.  5" x 5"; 36 pages.  ALL COPIES SOLD.

Series III. Featuring works of fiction, nonfiction, and confusion.
No. 1: An Excerpt from Coral Glynn by Peter Cameron.
An excerpt from Cameron's new novel, which FSG will publish in February 2012.  Coral Glynn is a period novel set in England in the 1950s.  8" x 5.25"; 36 pages. 3 COPIES REMAINING.

No. 2: The Strange Case of Catherine Hayes by Charles J. Finger & Catherine Hayes Burnt for Petty Treason by Richard Clark.

Two hair-raising accounts, one fact and one fiction, of the diabolical murder of a certain Mr. Hayes as planned and executed by his wife, Catherine, in eighteenth-century London.  6.5" x 5.5"; 28 pages. 5 COPIES REMAINING.

No. 3: Last Night in the Moon: Excerpts from the Journals of Denton Welch by Denton Welch.
Excerpts from the journals of Denton Welch revealing the brilliance and anguish of this incandescent and sadly unheralded writer. 4 COPIES REMAINING.

No. 4: I Know You: A Book of Portraits by Peter Cameron.

Reproductions of portraits from the author's collection accompanied by a concise yet revealing speculative biography of each model. ALL COPIES SOLD.

No. 5: Sincerely Yours: The Correspondence of Beatrice J. Fitzhugh, Assistant to Mr. Kindelbinder (Senior) by Beatrice J. Fitzhugh.
Beatrice J. Fitzhugh worked as the assistant to Mr. Kindelbinder, Sr. at Kindelbinder & Sons in Calabria Heights, Ohio in 1955.  Her letters reveal fascinating minutia of mid-century provincial office life.  4 COPIES REMAINING.

Series IV.  Featuring work by Peter Cameron's former students.
No. 1: After the Flood by Peter Cameron.
A new short story by Cameron about how people cope and endure when things go terribly wrong.  Or perhaps they don't. 8.5" x 5.5"; 44 pages.

No. 2: The Recession Spankologist by Jonathan Ames
A chapter from The Extra Man, Ames's brilliant second novel about life, love, libido, and loss first published by Scribners in 1998.  Jonathan Ames studied with Cameron at Columbia University. 7" x 5.5"; 28 pages.  7 COPIES REMAINING.

No. 3: The Running of the Brides & Tom's Village by Jessamyn Hope.
Two personal essays exploring some cultural rites of modern marriage: buying wedding dresses and surviving honeymoons.  Jessamyn Hope studied with Cameron at Sarah Lawrence College.
5.5" x 8.5"; two volumes of 32 pages each bound in tandem. 5 COPIES REMAINING.

No. 4: The Love of my Life by Justin Haythe.
A short story from the Booker long-listed (The Honeymoon) and Academy Award-nominated screenwriter (Revolutionary Road) exploring the mysteries -- and perhaps miracles -- of love and marriage.  Justin Haythe studied with Cameron at Sarah Lawrence College. 6 COPIES REMAINING.

No. 5: When the Lights Go On Again by Heather Aimee O'Neill.
An excerpt from O'Neill's delicate and poetic novel about a uniquely broken family struggling to remain bonded in early twentieth-century New York.  Heather Aimee O'Neill studied with Cameron at Sarah Lawrence College. ALL COPIES SOLD.